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We are used to role-playing games. The only way to survive is to fight and eliminate the enemy before they kill us.Indie games like Undertale Must have arrived to make the exact opposite proposal. Here, negotiations are the only way to become their friends and move forward in the world in which they are captured.

El Pacific RPG that kills no one

This is a game released on several platforms, such as the Nintendo Switch game console, in addition to the PC.Was drawn according to The retro aesthetics and action of 8-bit platforms like NES turns into the fact that you’ve fallen into a dark world, Darkness and the monster you have to escape.

However, unlike other games, you don’t have to kill anyone. Your best weapon is negotiation It is imperative to make friends with your enemies. The main features are as follows.

  • A story full of humor.
  • Browse dungeons in a cleaner labyrinth world in the 8-bit era than it is today. Pixels last a long time.
  • Negotiate with your enemies and don’t kill anyone.

A game that pleases the most nostalgic and requires a genius to work.

Download Undertale-free download for PC

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