* Support for Chinese (simplified), Greek, Indonesian, Kannada, Lithuanian, Polish, Tamil, Telugu
* Switch to the up-protocol content sharing library
* Classification of music by album and artist
* Categorize image and video sections by folder
* Categorize web-shared content
* Show all transfers in one place
* Support for Android 10 and 11
* Options according to system theme
* Encrypted connection
* View more detailed transfer status in the app
* Send split APK

Major features

* Secure; Connections to other clients are encrypted using TLSv1.2
* Share media files, apps, files and folders, plain text, and URLs
* Works without internet.Set up a hotspot and you’re ready to go
* Shared between multiple devices
* Send and receive locally using a web browser
*use uprotocol Open content sharing protocol

How to use?

Install TrebleShot on all devices that transfer files and keep it open.

Web sharing requires only one TrebleShot installation and one browser.