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Among the translation tools we can use on your PC, you certainly know Google Translate.As you know, to him Standalone For Windows, otherwise you need to access online between web browsers. You can also set up direct access to your desktop, but you need an active internet connection.

As a good alternative Translator-Microsoft Translator, A desktop version of the app from the Redmond Giant we knew in APK format for Android and iPhone and iPad.In addition to providing interesting features, You may be able to download the language, so you can translate without connecting, which gives you some independence...

Which languages ​​are included in Microsoft translators?

Now that we know what it is, we are interested in knowing the available languages. There are over 60 and you can translate between all of them..Everything of European origin (Czech, Slovak, Hungarian, Dutch) in addition to the most common ones such as French, Spanish, English, German, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, etc. Flemish or Catalan, or minority or Western-unknown languages: Tahitian, Thai, Urdu, or Yucatec Maya

As a little joke, the app also includes the Star Trek language Klingon, but I miss the Star Wars Sith and the Lord of the Rings Elves. You can also translate the Chewbacca language.

An application that helps you overcome barriers in any language.

Major features

This tool is extremely complete and easy to use, providing users with the following features and possibilities:

  • Translation support for over 60 languages.
  • Real-time translation capability between two or more people.
  • Text recognition and translation into images.
  • Possibility to hear the translation.
  • The ability to share translations with other applications.
  • Favorites section for saving translations for later use.
  • New words and phrases every day to learn.
  • Offline mode for downloading languages ​​to your computer.

during war Microsoft Translator and Google Translate Neither is a clear winner. Both APIs are used in several applications, and Windows owners’ APIs are integrated into apps and web services such as Office, Bing, Skype, Internet Explorer, Twitter, Yelp, eBay, and WeChat. One of the drawbacks is that the software doesn’t work on Windows 7.

A translator of a classical language?

Maybe we can see it in the next update of the app How to translate a classical language Dead like Latin, Ancient Greek, Sanskrit. This is a feature that may appeal to the most curious people.

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