TMAP – 내비게이션 / 지도 APK Download by TMAP MOBILITY CO.

Download Free TMAP – 내비게이션 / 지도 APK Download by TMAP MOBILITY CO. for Android APP Apk

Download Free the latest version of TMAP – 내비게이션 / 지도 APK Download by TMAP MOBILITY CO.

[ 새로운 기능 ]
▷ TMAP pickup
――We recommend a pick-up shop on the pass so that you can stop by and pick up on the way.
――Let’s request an order from the store before departure and pick it up immediately without waiting.

[ 주요 기능 ]
▷ T now
――At the moment when you are worried about where to go, in the main, open the T now tab and check the popular places around in real time.

▷ TMAP Plus
—— We have collected various benefits such as refueling, parking lots, taxis, and celebrity directions.
–Registration / withdrawal of TMAP Plus Basic is possible in T Universe.

▷ TMAP beautiful road
――It meets the “beautiful road” of Chungcheongbuk-do, a beautiful drive course that you have never known before.
–Get TMAP directions on the beautiful road web page (

▷ TMAP Reliable Agent
――At the moment when you need to drive on your behalf, please call a safe agent on TMAP.
–The driver, who has been verified at a reasonable price, will easily take you to your destination.
――Currently, you can use it as a safe agent only in the Seoul / Game / Incheon area.

▷ Chimep settlement
――You can easily pay by registering one payment method.

▷ TMAPX Android Auto
――Please receive TMAP directions on a larger screen without a stand now.
–Please update Android Auto App to 6.2 or later for use with Android Auto.

▷ TMAP Celebrity
――Please receive directions with the voice of your favorite celebrity. The celebrity lineup will continue to expand.

▷ Most accurate route guidance
――It collects and processes the driving data of users in real time and guides them to the optimum route.

▷ Aeronautical map navigation
–Provides the first live-action aerial map navigation in Japan.

▷ TMAP x NUGU Voice Secretary
–Voice commands make it easy to use various functions.
“Search for Incheon International Airport”, “Let’s go home”, “Tell me the toll”

▷ Favorite path
――You can save and guide your favorite routes. It will be automatically generated and recommended.

▷ Child protection pass
――For safety, we will guide you on a route that bypasses the school zone as much as possible.

▷ Car life
――Check the driving record that you can see as soon as you arrive at your destination and the driving score up to 11% discount on car insurance.

▷ Refueling discount
――When you refuel, you can get an additional discount of 10 to 70 won in addition to the TMAP tour discount and the affiliated card company discount.

[ 주의사항 ]
▷ The latest version of TMAP can be disabled for some OS versions.
▷ Calling and character transmission charges are not included.
▷ It is necessary to install the necessary files of about 30 to 50 MB at the first installation.

TMAP uses the following permissions:
1. Position (required): Grasp the position and guide the route
2. Telephone (required): User authentication and identification
3. Storage (required): Map, guidance voice storage
4. Microphone (required): Voice recognition
5. SMS (required): Send and receive SMS while driving
6. Address book (required): Making and receiving voice calls
7. Call record (required): Phone redial, contact display
8. Camera (selection): Black box function, card scan
9. Draw on top of other apps (select): Display directions information on top of other apps
10. Notification access (selection): Provides a phone reception mode optimized for directions

Even when selective access is denied, services other than that function can be used normally. Optional access permissions cannot be set on smartphones with Android 6.0 or lower versions. We recommend updating to Android 7.0 or a later version.
Developer contact:

Download TMAP – 내비게이션 / 지도 APK Download by TMAP MOBILITY CO. APP Last Version 2021

Download now the Free APP TMAP – 내비게이션 / 지도 APK Download by TMAP MOBILITY CO. to install on your mobile Android. The installation process of the program depends on its developer. Sometimes it will be just Download APK, sometimes it will be Download apk + obb.

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