Tidy Up 5.4.5 Pour Mac

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Download Free the latest version of Tidy Up 5.4.5 Pour Mac

for MAC Apple.

If you feel that your hard drive has a lot of duplicate files, you can use TidyUp to find and remove them completely. This is a tool for Mac that uses multithreading technology to find duplicate files that meet your selected requirements.

Tidy Up scans files on your hard drive, as well as iPhoto photos, iTunes songs, and saved emails.

To create search parameters, simply check or uncheck the appropriate boxes. The sidebar shows the selected parameters. By creating an effective set of search criteria to find duplicate files of a particular type, you can save and recover your files whenever you need them.

If the result produces a large number of files, TidyUp can use smart boxes to quickly organize them. If the file meets the smartbox criteria, it will be displayed there.


Download Tidy Up 5.4.5 Pour Mac

Last Version 2021

Download now the Free Software Tidy Up 5.4.5 Pour Mac

to install on your MAC PC. The installation process of the program depends on its developer.

Tidy Up 5.4.5 Pour Mac

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