Refreshed vehicle and energy homepage
Streamlined summoning experience
Enhanced Phone Key Support – No need to select a vehicle
Send a command to the vehicle as soon as you open the app
Use Go Off-Grid to seamlessly disconnect your home from the grid using Powerwall
Purchase the Tesla Catalog to view and manage your orders (available in some countries)
View supercharging history and ability to pay unpaid supercharging or service balances (available in some countries)

The Tesla app allows owners to communicate directly with their car or Powerwalls anytime, anywhere. With this app you can:

-Watch charging progress in real time and start or stop charging
-Heating or cooling the car before driving, even if it’s in the garage
-Lock or unlock from a distance
-Direct to identify the vehicle or track its movement
-Send an address from your favorite app to start navigating in the car
-Give passengers quick control over the media
-Find the vehicle by blinking the light or honking when parked
-Bent or close the panoramic roof
-Summon vehicles from the garage or tight parking space (for vehicles with an autopilot)
-Update vehicle software wherever you are
-Work with Powerwall: Monitor the amount of energy stored from the sun, used at home, or exported to the grid
-Download solar and battery usage data

Note: Powerwall2 is required for the Powerwall function of this app

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