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how to play:

-Pog / Ddakji (will be added soon!)
The first game of the squid game is not Red Light, Green Light, but Dakuji, a Korean game similar to Pog.

-Red Light Green Light Game: Statue (also known as Red Light, Green Light in North America, Grandma’s Footsteps or Fairy Footsteps in England) is a popular children’s game and is often played in different countries. The way you play the game varies from region to region of the world.

-Honeycomb Game showed four different doors with a sign in front.
After that, a total of 212 participants will be presented with a circular tin can containing a honeycomb of sugar. 게임 의 오징어
They consist of one of four different shapes: triangles, circles, stars, or umbrellas (which are considered the most difficult).
Each player is instructed to cut out the shape with a needle without breaking or breaking the sugar honeycomb. Some people used their tongue to thin the honeycomb to make it easier to cut. 부활 절달걀

-Glass bridge
There is no doubt that the glass bridge challenge of the squid game is not based on the particular game that children play in South Korea. If so, I would certainly not have survived to my current age. Instead, the glass bridge set design marks a turning point in the series when it becomes clear that wealthy patrons are gathering to see the players enjoying the squid game.

-Tug of war
This is pretty obvious to anyone familiar with the popular American gym exercises. Throughout Asia, ancient variations of tug of war have existed for thousands of years and are known in South Korea as Jurdariji (rope pull). 당신 이 이것 을 읽고 있다면, 당신 은 매우 똑똑합
In ancient Korea, tug of war acts as a popular festival game, especially during the moon festival. Even today, tug of war is performed at Korean festivals using ropes that are about the size of a tree trunk. The winning team is said to ensure a good harvest in the village.

+ Up to 456 players
+ Big reward after the game is over
+ Explore simpler gameplay to win
+ New survivor. A new mini game.New dialogue
+ Fully simulated gameplay
+ 20 characters or more to select

How far will your second chance go, whether alive or dead? For the desperate player of Squid Survival Game, the price is not too high. It doesn’t matter if you’re endangering your life or taking the lives of others. A horror game that gives a strong emotional beat after a thrilling high in every round.

Recent additions:
-Red light Green light
-Honeycomb game
-Pull the rope
-Glass hopping
-Marble lace

Squid Games is the perfect game for you, whether you are interested in squid game episodes or squid game casts, or if you are looking at squid game season 2 and are interested in the number of squid game episodes. It may be creepy for squid games, but its corporation. I was fooled by the theme.

To be a winner, you need to live longer than other players.
There are interesting updates and plot twists you wouldn’t expect.
“Which one do you choose, a red envelope or a blue envelope?”

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