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Do you still remember the folk games that have been around for a while? And surely everyone tried it once in the game of red and green lights.
Now this red light folk game is available on your smartphone and you can play it anytime, anywhere.
The game is simulated from a real traffic light. If there is a green traffic light, you can move freely, but if there is a red traffic light, you need to stop moving. If you still intentionally move when there is a “red light”, you must pay for it.
The motion supervisor is now a doll. Try to run to the finish line as fast as possible without being detected by the doll. Only the first five to the finish line can survive, so you have to run fast and try to touch the wall. If you are not in the top 5, the worst will come to you.
Although not like beautiful dolls in real life, red and green light game dolls bring death to those who are late and do not follow the rules of the game. When the doll counts from 1 to 10, it tries to run as fast as possible, but when the doll comes back, it should stop moving as soon as possible. If the doll does not move when it turns its head, it will be stealth in the doll’s eyes.
The doll changes the counting speed continuously, sometimes very fast, sometimes very slowly. All you need is the speed and insight of this terrifying doll in rhythm counting. Or you can see that you need to move quickly, though sneaky, to reach the finish line.

how to play Red Squid.io: Red Light Green Light game:
ϟ Touch the player to move
Run fast while the dolls are counting
ϟ Stand still when the doll turns its head
ϟ Become one of the first five to finish
ϟ The game ends when you arrive late at the finish line and confirm that you have moved at the red light.

Features of Red squid: red light green light game:
✶ Many levels with different difficulty levels
✶ Levels are constantly updated
✶ Simple design, easy to control
✶ Beautiful and vibrant graphics with realistic sound

Red light green light A folk game designed with a simple and friendly interface, you will know how to play it from the first time you use it.
Go through all levels to become a champion and get the rewards you deserve.
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