Squid Game: 456 Craft Survival

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Get ready for a masterpiece multi-craft war 💸 Win this K-Challenge and bypass all survival games for 45.6 billion won!

You are? she? he? Are you brave enough to participate in our survival squid game and earn piggy money?The rules are similar: don’t die

456 Craft Battle: Squid Game Is a K-Games series that includes Green Light Red Light, Dargona Challenge, Tug of War, Midnight Battle, Glass Bridge, Marble Rolling. Your mission is to survive, win all these Korean games, defeat the rest and have a golden piggy bank for yourself.

🚨 How to play 🚨
-Green light, red light: Two rules to keep in mind are “stop if red, run if green”.
-Talgona Challenge: Break the candy and come out in various shapes such as stars, umbrellas, circles and so on.
-Tug of War: Use your strength to beat other groups.Remember that only 50% of you will survive in this game
-Marble Rolling: Play marbles in one shot in the right hole and don’t let your rivals win this game
-Glass Stepping Stones: Choose the right glass stones so you don’t regret your destiny
– gradually

🦑 Game features 🦑
-Great music and great themes
-Various skins with lots of rewards
-Easy to control the game
-Weird posture

The chance to become a billionaire is now in your hands.So get ready and survive 456 Craft Battle: Squid Game

But don’t forget the time. Otherwise you will die! 💀

Download for free and win the game! 456 Craft Battle: Start a Master Craft War in a squid game 🔥🔥🔥

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