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🔴🟢 Red light, green light, 1, 2, 3 … Can you win this mysterious victory? Survival competition??
Imagine you are invited to join Squid challenge game -A series of children’s games that promise huge prizes 💰💰💰, but it turns out to be a tragic twist and the rules become clear: winning the game will kill you. You soon realize that playing the Squid Challenge is your only chance to survive and earn money. Do you stand up and compete to save your life? ⌛

🦑 Squid Challenge 🦑 is a survival game inspired by the original movie series and popular childhood classic games Red light green light That is the feature. If you enjoy tag running games or hide-and-seek games, this app may bring you healthy pleasures!

⚠️ Remember when you were a kid you had a similar nostalgic play New semester game?? Run in “green” and freeze in “red”. If you get caught in a movement when the statue looks back, the game will start over. To win the game you need to survive and first “tag” the statue before it catches you.

🔥 Game features 🔥
⭐ Simple touch control for a smooth gaming experience
⭐ Unique map with increasing difficulty
⭐ Both single player and bot vs. mode
Statue tag 3D gameplay
⭐ Compatible with multiple devices (phones and tablets)

🔥 Survival tips 🔥
Listen carefully to the commands and run as fast as you can to the finish line before you run out of time. You can only move forward if your voice says “green light” and the devil’s doll’s back is spinning, but it immediately stops moving and stops when the “red light” begins. increase. Otherwise, it will “disappear”. You can run and jump. Or do anything to reach the finish line first and save lives. Don’t be sneaky and get caught in a red light.

🎁 Do you accept invitations to play this children’s game? Join us now and share endless fun with your friends ❗❗❗ ~

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