+ Fixed an issue with incorrect display of playback position in m4b chapters on Android Auto and other Bluetooth devices.

+ Fixed playback due to phone speaker issues reproduced in the following way:
1. Rotate the phone screen down to pause playback.
2. Unplug the wired headset.
3. Rotate the phone screen up.
4. I started playing from the phone speaker.

+ Updated the cover selection dialog.
+ Added an option to show / hide filenames in the bookmarks window.
+ Added playback statistics.

This app is specially designed for playing audiobooks.
Suppose you have audiobooks and have already copied them to your phone.
Full version for the first 30 days. Later-basic version.
+ Chromecast support.
+ Playback speed control.
+ Book classification (new, start, end).
+ Download the cover from the internet.
+ A list of characters. You can manually create a list of characters to easily follow the story.
+ Automatic pause if you fall asleep. To continue playing, just shake your smartphone.
+ Playback history.
+ Application widget. You can control the player from the home screen.
+ You can exclude folders that contain music and other audio files by specifying a root folder that contains all audiobooks.
+ You don’t have to finish one book to start another. Progress is saved separately for every workbook.
+ No ads!

To purchase the full version (restore after reinstallation), press:
Menu-Help-Version tab
The phone must be connected to the internet.
The full version costs $ 2.

Thanks to the people who left comments and suggestions.
If something goes wrong, please write an email instead of leaving a comment.

Android 4.4-5.1 version:

Android 4.1 version-4.3:

Old icon version: