-Improved location map to add more specific information. Maps now include text that indicates the location, device type, and browser type of the device you are accessing.
-As part of our ongoing efforts to improve accessibility, we have made some necessary updates to the TalkBack screen reader for the PingID mobile app.
-Improved performance, security, and reliability
-From the next version, the PingID mobile app will no longer support platforms older than Android 8.

PingID® is a powerful cloud-based authentication solution that allows users to authenticate to their applications over the phone. PingID provides an end-user-friendly solution with the security that administrators need. End users will be notified on the device if strong authentication is required, and offline support will be provided if the device has no signal. This application is designed for use with PingOne® and PingFederate®. Before installing this application, make sure your company or organization licenses to use PingID. Contact your administrator or Ping Identity Support for more information.