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Download Free the latest version of PES CLUB MANAGER 4.5.1 APK Download by KONAMI

Unlike other soccer games, PES CLUB MANAGER is a unique entry in the Pro Evolution Soccer series that tests tactical awareness and management skills. Join over 40 million managers around the world to see if you have what you need to bring your club to glory.

A new engine based on the mobile version of “Pro Evolution Soccer”
Experience the match from a 3D perspective and enjoy the enhanced graphics enabled by the new engine. Alternatively, switch to 2D and analyze each match event from a tactical perspective.
The new engine also means that player animations and match dynamics will be smoother than ever. In addition, more goal celebration variations have been added to recreate all the drama and excitement of a real soccer match.

Official licenses from all over the world
Includes official team and league licenses from popular clubs in Europe and South America.
When creating a team, choose from over 5,000 licensed soccer players.
Many legend players such as BECKHAM, BATITSUTA, RONALDINHO, ZICO will also appear.

Soccer management experience built from the ground for tactical sports game enthusiasts (free play)
Club Manager is a tactical soccer game that provides strategically enthusiastic soccer fans with a comprehensive platform for easily coordinating each match. Even those who have little experience with typical action-oriented soccer games can easily pick up and play. Unlike other games in this genre, club managers reward their wisdom as a manager, not reaction time or control of the ball. As in the real world of football management, results depend on how well you can predict the increase or decrease in each match and determine how each contest will develop.

Shape your team to fit your strategy
Contract with a seasoned trainer and customize each player’s training regime to your own personal taste.
When it comes to football, each manager has his or her own philosophy, and club managers give you the freedom to shape your team with this image.
Compete with rival managers around the world in a team created with the image of your favorite soccer strategy.

Enjoy the season league at your own pace
The Season League calendar revolves entirely around the schedule. In other words, progress will only occur if you have time to complete the match. Enjoy the seasons at your own pace without worrying about the fixed date and time!

New mode: Private league
Invite managers from around the world to join a customized league in this all-new mode!
This application is an online game that you can play for free. Make sure your device is connected to the internet before playing.

Compatible OS: Android 5.0 or later
* There is no guarantee of game performance on devices not included in the above list.

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Download PES CLUB MANAGER 4.5.1 APK Download by KONAMI APP Last Version 2021

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