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Nail & Foot Surgeon Hospital

Hi everyone, you all will love this nail and foot surgery game!
There are several things that need to be done to repair a leg injury in a hospital patient.

Give the patient various foot treatments to heal properly.
Show your medical skills to treat injured patients and cure them.Perform realistic foot surgery in
The actual surgical instrument. As a nail and foot surgeon, you first need to properly examine your patient.
Take an x-ray and look to identify the problem.

In this game you can perform a great many operations such as Achilles tendon rupture, knee surgery, bone surgery and much more.
Nail surgery and hallux valgus surgery. You also need to perform problems with the patient’s hind legs.

-Achilles tendon rupture
The first ATR is very important to diagnose and then treat this injury as soon as possible.You have to treat
The patient’s ankle to perform this surgery. Check the patient and follow the instructions.
Clean the ankle and cut it so that it can be operated through the ankle clearly.

-Backfoot treatment
Check the patient, remove the glass pieces, clean the injured area, treat the corn with a corn cap, ulcer
Treatment uses a foot scraper to clean dead skin cells and finally remove dust and germs from the feet.

-Bunion surgery
Remove rashes and blisters from your feet. Take an x-ray to see where the problem lies.Then mark it
Cut with parts and tools.After removing the excess using a surgical bone saw tool and completing the open stitch
A part with stitches.

–Knee surgery
Perform a basic inspection before operation. You can use the cannula and arthroscopic tools to see inside.With the help of
The Hook Grasper Tool removes that excess bone and the Bone Saw Tool smoothes the rough surface of the bone.Finally
It provides motion tests for knee alignment checks and advice for regular exercise.

-Bone surgery
Clean your legs with the foam tool, shave your legs and start the procedure.Open Harrison forceps
Skin part. Remove dust from the skin on the sides and remove blood with a tool. Join the bones in a fun way.

-Nail surgery
Remove dust from your nails and remove blisters with an ice pack.Perform and remove nail surgery with realistic tools
Half severely damaged nails. Bandage the affected area to give it time to heal.

-Easy to play.
-Six different types of surgery.
-So many real surgical instruments.
-Character selection option.
-Treat damaged areas and relive them from pain.
-Clean your hind legs and give a similar pedicure treatment.

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