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LifeUp, whose name means UPGRADE YOUR LIFE, is a gamification to-do list (task list) application with many interesting gamification features.

It was designed by us, two new graduate developers planning to develop. Customizable and fun gamed to-do list and habit-building RPG application..

LifeUp has its own item rewards and custom achievement mechanics, but it doesn’t lose the usefulness of the tool.
You can record the play of productivity games and so on.
Its simple and easy-to-start attribute mechanism also allows light users to experience the fun of life’s RPGs.


No ads, no in-app purchases related to features, you can enjoy all the feature modules at once.

Beautiful material design UI

Complete basic to-do functionality
Remarks, reminders, start times, deadlines, repeats, target times, history, and lists.

✨ Gamification function
6 attributes (including strength, intelligence, charm, durability, vitality, creativity), experience points, levels, coins, random coins.

In addition, you can customize the attribute icons and text to your liking.

🎨 user friendly
EXP and coin rewards can be calculated automatically according to the set urgency and difficulty level.

πŸ† Performance
Up to 57 built-in achievements waiting to unlock.
In addition, you can create achievements that can be set to automatically calculate progress.

🎁 shop
Place the item you want on the shelf at the price you decide. You can earn coins by completing tasks. Purchase an item and use it in your inventory.
Items can be customized with various effects such as increasing or decreasing experience points, synthesizing other items, and starting a countdown.

⏰ tomato
When the Pomodoro timer completes, you will receive a virtual tomato reward.
Do you decide whether to eat or sell tomatoes?

🎲 Custom Item Effect: Loot Box
You can customize the effect of shop items.
For example, you can create a loot box and earn random rewards.

βš—οΈ Custom item effect: Synthetic
Create a composite formula to composite some items with other items.
Therefore, multi-currency functions can be realized. Another way to play with a loot box.

⚽ Different ways to earn EXP
You can also earn STRENG THE XP in daily steps.
Alternatively, you can earn Endurance EXP by eating tomatoes earned with the Pomodoro Timer.

🀝 community
Join your favorite team, complete team tasks, and submit activities.

Record the feeling of completion with text and photos.

App widgets are available and tasks can be managed from the home screen.

Theme color
23 built-in color themes

Dark theme

Lots of settings
EXP penalty factor / coin penalty factor etc.
Hide unnecessary modules.

Local, WebDAV, Dropbox backup / restore
Most of your data is stored offline and you have full control over your data.

No network required
Most of LifeUp’s features are available without a network connection.

Keep updating new features


-Language: Please note only now English, Turkish, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, German, Italian, Russian, Japanese It is available.
As an indie application, you can’t afford to pay for translations in more languages.
Some languages ​​contain only partial translations. However, anyone can contribute to the translation.

-Price: As applications continue to be updated and improved and new features are added, the price may be adjusted accordingly.

-Problem: If you have an application problem or are willing to refund, please contact us by email below.

-App Privacy Terms and Policies: http: //

-Contact email address:


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