KB Pay 4.3.8 APK Download by KB국민카드

Download Free KB Pay 4.3.8 APK Download by KB국민카드 for Android APP Apk

Download Free the latest version of KB Pay 4.3.8 APK Download by KB국민카드

■ KB Pay Holds all finance
・ From application integration to payment and asset management

■ KB Pay One KB Kookmin Card at a time
・ My information, inquiry of payment amount, immediate payment, change of installment conditions, etc.
・ Please use all KB Kookmin Card services with one app now.

■ Home-Beyond payments and remittances to all my assets
・ At a glance, all my assets, from KB to Shinhan to neighbors
· See only the assets I want through my group
・ Convenient open banking remittance function such as no fees and contact remittance

■ Payment-Various payment methods as easy as a card
・ Cards are basic!Register your bank account, gift certificate, loyalty points and pay as easily as a card

■ Timeline-Consumption management that becomes easier if you keep pressing
・ Check the usage breakdown, financial breakdown, and automatic payment through the timeline.
・ When you tap the history I used, please try to manage consumption rationally through payment, Dutch pay, memo creation function, etc. as soon as it is displayed.

■ KB Pay Money-Benefits and retech at the same time
・ Experience both benefits and re-tech by collecting money according to your desired payment terms as well as remittance.

■ Pay just for me as I wish
・ Financial company’s first dark mode support and intuitive menu structure
-Change various cards such as card images and asset groups into family photos and lover photos and try them as a pay for yourself.

■ Please check again
・ Only available on mobile phones with your own name.
・ We recommend updating to the latest version for secure financial transactions.
・ Please note the use of wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) whose source and security settings are unknown.
・ Please use the mobile communication network.
-Cannot be used on terminals that have been arbitrarily modified such as jailbreak and routing.
・ A usage fee may be incurred when downloading / using the application using data.

■ Requires minimal privileges for convenient use

・ Phone: Confirm mobile phone number
・ Storage space: Save app content

・ Camera: KB Pay payment, QR code shooting for authentication, card registration
・ Location information: Location-based privilege information provision, smart order
・ Contact: Domestic Liiv remittance
・ Display on top of other apps: When using the edge panel function
* Choice access rights are used to provide better service to our customers. Even if you do not allow it, you can use apps other than the corresponding functions.
* Access right settings [설정>KB Pay] It can be changed from the menu.

■ KB Pay listens to your words
・ You can receive detailed information through various channels.
・ KB Kookmin Card homepage (www.kbcard.com)
・ KB Kookmin Card Call Center (1588-1688)

Download KB Pay 4.3.8 APK Download by KB국민카드 APP Last Version 2021

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