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Introduction of plot
One night, when I work overtime alone, a pixie suddenly appears in my computer and teleports to another world. Originally just a human being, he now has all the power of the Devil Prince of the Other World. However, the devil’s kingdom is surrounded by troops of different races, so you need to lead the devil’s army to protect the devil’s kingdom. When you fight your enemies, you will encounter beautiful consorts all over the country. Capture their hearts and create your dream harem!

* For the best gaming experience, choose the region that best suits your local time. All in-game events are set according to server time.
The time zones for each region are as follows:
EU server time: UTC + 0
NA server time: UTC-5
SEA server time: UTC + 8

Game features:
[Expand the Demon Kingdom]
Get more compliment areas on your expedition, dig magic crystals to improve your subordinates’ abilities, and recruit more troops to fight for the Devil’s Kingdom. When you are strong enough, conquer the world and become the king of the other world!

[Meet Beautiful Consorts]
Use the portal to travel the Other World in your spare time. You may come across beautiful consorts of different races. Chat with them, capture their hearts, and bring them back to the Devil’s Kingdom to join your harem!

[Recruit Talented Individuals]
The Eldritch is full of brave warriors, strategically spirited sages, and guardians who have slept for thousands of years. Recruit them as your subordinates as you conquer the four corners of the world.

[Territorial Battles]
The Eldritch is full of mysterious cities on different continents. Win territorial battles, become territorial lords, demand special authority and resources, and grow your power rapidly.

[Join a Guild]
Create a guild or join a friend. Fight dungeon bosses and ancient ruins dragons and earn a wealth of rewards.

Note: Some game content requires a separate payment

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