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Start your own animal farm from scratch by breeding and building a thriving farm! You build a farm and decide which animal babies to raise and breed. Select the animal habitat to be refurbished and the location to expand the farm. It’s up to you to build the largest and most impressive animal farms for breeding and farming in every village. Enjoy the latest line of amazing farm and harvest games from Zynga!

• Become the master farmer of this harvesting game while creating your own animal collection by choosing from hundreds of varieties including special breeds like alpaca. Each animal variety offers unique produce such as milk, eggs and wool and can be used to complete sales, transactions or orders to improve crops daily. These produce can be anything from saddles to creams, bacon, mushrooms, sheep milk, fine feathers, horse hair and buffalo milk.

• Match and mate animals, raise baby animals and discover new varieties such as Steinbacher Goose, Emu, Tudan Kakau, Blue Peacock, American Guinea Hog, Bourbon Turkey and Scarlet Macaw. This free farming game produces rare produce for each new variety and helps my farm grow!

• Keep all your favorite exotic animals such as emden goose, shorthorn cows, brown alpaca, flame rama, hedgehog, red squirrels and American Paint Horse.

• Customize and design your family’s ranch home with hundreds of unique decorations, building styles, farmer costumes and more for you, your farmer, and your baby animal. Your adventure is completely your customization!

• Use the weather to improve your farm. Check out the predictions in this harvesting game to see the perfect agricultural weather and plan a healthy harvest of hay and crops.

• Make and sell your own baked goods such as bread, carrot cake, apple pie, mushroom pizza, tuna casserole, and seafood paella.

• In this free farming game, create a team of professional farmers to help farmers, from heavy lumberjacks to talented cooks. Level them up to unlock new skills and recipes and improve your farming abilities.

• Expand the world with exotic varieties such as brown bears, polar bears, penguins, red kangaroos, arctic foxes, fennec foxes, red foxes, red pandas, gray wolf, black wolf, bog turtle, black mars turtle, and brown kangaroo. Skunk, Tiventian Sand Fox, Macaroni Penguins, Alligator Snapping Turtles, Elephant!

• Join the Co-Op to complete special events and unlock new livestock and special items to help you progress through this free farm game.

Build an animal farm with a unique kind of baby animal in this free game. Enjoy free buildings, animal breeding and farming for free!

FarmVille 1, FarmVille 2, FarmVille 2: Country Escape, FarmVille 2: Tropic Escape, followed by FarmVille 3, the latest livestock game in the Zynga game.

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