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Download Free EVE Echoes 1.9.23 APK Download by NetEase Games for Android APP Apk

Download Free the latest version of EVE Echoes 1.9.23 APK Download by NetEase Games

EVE Echoes Anniversary Countdown! A spectacular celebration is coming to New Eden!

As EVE Echoes celebrates its first anniversary, the conquest of the stars and beyond is heading for a new horizon!

Enjoy new, improved and new player tutorials and commemorative events with lots of rewards. Experience the Relic and Data Nexus sites where you can scan and unlock new items. With the new Citadel Ancient Structures, you can build your own space fortress complex and fight in Faction Wargames, a new arena-style game mode. In this mode, you can unleash your opponent’s strategies and tactics in team combat. Get ready for the EVE Echoes 1st Anniversary Festival!

[Going Around New Eden – Get Ready!]
Tired of the boring old tutorial system? This update brings a new breath to the tutorial with a remake. In addition to learning and experiencing all the gameplay content the game offers, the new tutorials give you the freedom to explore and explore at any time away and return to your tutorial missions at any time.

[It’s Party Time! Nonstop Anniversary Events]
Anniversary tokens are available in all regions. Encapsulators can obtain these tokens by exploring the Nihilus Space and exchange them for a variety of high quality consumables at the Anniversary Store. Say hello to all new anniversary skins (sunset, noon, midnight). If you’re thinking of going back to the game, now is the time!

[Earn Epic Rewards with Brand New Relics and Data Sites]
With this update, encapsulators will be able to scan and access Relics and Data Nexus sites using a special analyzer. Decrypt the container to get new equipment such as integrated rigs and industry decryption equipment.

[Build Your Own Space Complex: Introducing Citadel Ancillary Structures]
Players can build various fortress auxiliary structures, form their own space complex and enjoy more exciting adventures in New Eden! The upgraded Corporation Citadel will be permanently part of the New Eden universe and cannot simply be destroyed. Players can attack and occupy the citadel and create more exciting PvP experiences!

[New PvP Mode! Faction Wargames Now Available]
Get ready for the new 10v10 team battle mode! A new game mode, Faction Wargames, has joined New Eden! Choose from a variety of off-the-shelf ships and hone your technique without worrying about losing your ship! Fight in arena-style battles and earn loyalty points that can be redeemed for prizes. Use your excellent strategies and tactics to dominate the arena!

For more information on EVE Echoes, please see below.
Official website: www.eveechoes.com/
Discord: discord.gg/2xm4EQB
Facebook: www.facebook.com/EVEEchoes
twitter: twitter.com/EveEchoes

Download EVE Echoes 1.9.23 APK Download by NetEase Games APP Last Version 2021

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