We have updated the EufyHome app to provide a better experience.

Major updates:
-Fixed bugs and improved the user experience.

What features do you want to see? Please tell us at support@eufylife.com

EufyHome-Live well. Live smart. You can control your Eufy smart home device from anywhere.

You can also share your Eufy smart home device with your family, so anyone can set their own preferences for each device.

How to use EufyHome:

-Account registration: After downloading the app, create and register an account with your email address. (Or log in directly with your Eufy Life account)

-Add Device: Open the EufyHome app and follow the intuitive setup instructions to pair your new device with your smartphone. If the device has already been set up by another family member, that family member can request control access to operate the device.

-Device Usage: When a new device is successfully paired, it will appear in the device list. Simply tap the icon you want to use and enjoy the Eufy smart home experience.

• Email: support@eufylife.com
• Website: eufylife.com
• Facebook: @EufyOfficial