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Smart defrag

Simultaneous defragmentation of multiple disk drives


One of the strengths of Smart Defrag is that you can defragment multiple drives at the same time, but that’s not all. This tool can optimize the location of local files to reserve disk space with the fastest access to the most used files.

The program also has a feature called automatic defragmentation that optimizes the selected drive when the computer’s CPU usage is low. Smart Defrag itself can be used to schedule defragmentation and automatically power off the computer at the end of the process. As such, this program is a great alternative to traditional Windows defragmentation tools, improving efficiency and consuming significantly less resources.

In addition, the latest version uses a new defragmentation engine that consumes less resources and is virtually invisible when running in the background, resulting in faster and more stable processes. It also includes SSD disk support. It employs new professional video game defragmentation technology to improve these performances and data loading.

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Download Smart defrag

2022 Latest Version

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