Download Free Coohom 3d Interior Design Software Free Download – Last Version 2021

Download Free Coohom 3d Interior Design Software Free Download for Windows

Download Free the latest version of Coohom 3d Interior Design Software Free Download for Windows 10.

Coohom is a free home-wide all-in-one interior design application for interior designers, architects, homeowners, students, realtors and more.

Quickly draw 2D / 3D floor plans and render gorgeous 4K images of your work in seconds.

Supporting panoramas, virtual walkthroughs, and a vast library of models to use, Coohom is the ultimate free use. Interior design tools.. This is what Coohom offers. All in one platform.

Floor planner

From creating custom floor plans to importing your own floor plans, the SaaS platform makes it easy to create, edit and render 3D scenes. When you’re done, simply drag and drop furniture, lights, and accessories onto your model to bring it to life.

Coohom’s simple and intuitive interface masters the basics and saves you time when you start rendering in less than 10 minutes. Upload your 3DS Max or SketchUp model to create your own personal content library.

If that’s not enough, choose from an ever-expanding library of resources, including over 70,000 3D models, textures, and AI templates. Edit the textures and lights, and when you’re done, generate a photo-realistic scene in 4K resolution or stitch the panoramas together for a 720 walkthrough experience of your design.

Photo & Video Studio

Among photographers, product samples, and set designs, traditional photography consumes a lot of resources.

Coohom’s Photo Studio is a fully self-service photo and video generation cloud platform that leverages over 1,000 customizable templates to create all the content you need to quickly update your portfolio.

With customizable camera angles and lighting effects, forget to wait for more than a month for sets, lighting, crew hiring and finished products. Get images up to 4K resolution in less than a day and save over 80% on rendering time and cost.

Kitchen & bath

Coohom’s all-in-one interior design features include thousands of 3D models of kitchen and bath furniture, cabinets and more, all compatible with the platform’s signature 4K rendering.

The updated software also includes support for parametric modeling and custom furniture design. AI design and machine learning help complete Coohom’s unique Kitchen & Bath products that increase efficiency, simplify imaging, and attract customer attention.

Main features of Coohom

– Custom floor planner
– AI-assisted design to switch styles quickly
– Create almost any room with any aesthetic
– 24/7 support for users
– Instant 4K rendering
– Automatic conversion to CAD compatible drawings
– Access your work from anywhere / cloud-based storage
– Over 4 million users worldwide

Windows version

Download buttonMac version

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Last updated on this post: September 3, 2021

Download Coohom 3d Interior Design Software Free Download Last Version 2021

Download now the Free Software Coohom 3d Interior Design Software Free Download to install on your Windows 10 PC. The installation process of the program depends on its developer.

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