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🌼 Welcome to DRAGONE PART 🌼
Displace One Part is a new addictive brain game. Choose whether to choose the answer to the order to solve the riddle. Your mission is to drag objects to complete the image according to the logic. Complete all the stories in the Brain Out game and reach the final level to develop your IQ and brain skills.

❣️ DOP3-Squid game features ❣️

🥚 Freedom to interact on the gameplay screen
Select the order and position to drag the specified objects onto the image. In some cases, you can also drag an object on the image to another position to solve the brain game. There is no doubt that the reaction and emotions of the Displace One Part characters will make you smile.

🐣 Interesting and entertaining gameplay
In the Brain Love game, each level is a small story with some mistakes and you need to use your brain to fix it. Enjoy many interesting brainout puzzles such as: Official Girl Story; In particular, there is a squid game story with 456 players …

🐥 Stunning graphics
Colorful pictures will please your imagination!

🐤 Great tricky puzzle game to kill your free time!
Unlimited time! DOP Love Story Games is a relaxing journey of entertaining love stories. Please do not hurry. Enjoy the Displace Love Story.

Download DOP 3-DRAG ONE PART, solve funny tricky puzzles and challenge your brain now ❗❗❗

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