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Create from scratch! Build your own car with exciting puzzles, refuel and clean, build houses, playgrounds, bridges and many other serious structures.

Move your kids’ minds to immerse themselves in building their own city, building a house, or becoming a virtual engineer in their custom-built environment. The only limitation on what they can build is the magnitude of their imagination.

Watch construction vehicles such as tractors, trucks, cranes and pickups move and build a world of fun, excitement and creativity. Your child will be amazed at everything they can accomplish with just a few clever clicks, swipes, fast fingers, and constructive know-how.

In this fast-paced and fun Construction Truck Kids game, kids are drivers, architects, builders, decorators and world masters, all made with their own ingenuity and brains. They can start small – in the garden, at home, or on the bridge – and then build their own entire city.

In this unique and ingenious world of construction games, there is no limit to how much children can use their imagination. Give them the freedom to explore, develop their reasoning and cognitive skills, and have a lot of fun while they do it. The sky (or skyscraper) is the limit.

So let’s fill them up with fuel and start riding. Load your truck, mix cement, move, drive motors and start building your imaginative city of tomorrow. It really depends on them!

Growing children need all the stimuli they can get and they hate getting bored. This game will keep them sticking to their screens, building, learning, and entertaining. A world of construction, fun and creativity awaits!

Adventure activity:

-A lot of construction vehicles and trucks to work with
-Learning activities include building houses, playgrounds, bridges and cities
-Various activities allow children to build their own environment
-Kids step into the driver’s seat of their imaginary world and help them grow in the real world

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