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** The best money management app for 2020 ** — This is money
** Best Budget App for 2019 ** — Mary Claire

Track your spending, save money and reach your goals with Cleo. AI chatbots make money easily. Reliable by 3 million users, Cleo helps you make money like a boss with powerful tools and cutting-edge technology. Want to know what you can use for takeaway? Do I need $ 100 to get a payday? Or are you planning to save money to buy a house? Cleo has your back. It’s your money – own it.

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Cleo uses AI to help people around the world improve their budgeting skills by creating smart, personalized budgets for all their customers. “Can I afford it?”, Just ask Cleo. Expenditure breakdown, invoice help, actionable advice, and personality make budgeting like your boss easier than ever. Don’t be a person who lives negatively-get a budget.

Get up to $ 100 (1)
Through Cleo Plus, you’ll get access to cash advances up to $ 100, get payday, and avoid these annoying overdraft fees. That’s pretty nice.

Custom category
all you want! Save money for certain things, or if you need better visualization of your coffee spending. Want to spend a little more on groceries this week? Cleo displays spending by category for the past few weeks, so you can set meaningful limits (and she updates the rest of the week’s spending).

Saving money is a drug, but not when an intelligent AI bot like Cleo is dragging you for your spending. Save money quickly and enjoy the process with the save goals, hacks, and auto-save features you’ve experienced through your interactions with Cleo himself. That boring stigma is broken.

Credit score
Your credit score is likely to be much healthier. Our credit builders don’t scare you to see your credit report, and you may even enjoy it in the process. Leave the misleading credit building to Cleo and Equifax, and you’ll focus on getting better about your money.

Meet Cleo
Get an app that runs roast mode. Sometimes you need to be called a high flyer, and sometimes you need to rinse. Thanks to God Cleo has a fun (sometimes) and funny (always) personality mode. I use memes a lot.

Cleo helps you feel better about your money. Other Ways You Can Improve Your Money Health:
• Automatically save money based on what you can afford
• New ways to improve your Equifax credit score with credit coaching
• Setting goals helps Cleo reach them
• Avoid overdrafts with cash advances up to $ 100 (1)
• Up to 7% cashback reward
• Weekly money games and quizzes with prizes
• Spendr evaluates purchases and relieves money stress

(1) Cleo Plus is a subscription service that provides eligible users with cash advances for your money, information about your credit score, and access to Cash Advance (“Cash Advance”). The amount of prepayment depends on your eligibility. For more information on eligibility, repayment, and overall terms, please visit / terms.

Cleo uses bank-level SSL encryption to protect your data and deposits.All savings held in an FDIC insured account with protection of up to $ 250,000

Special feature

Us Weekly: “Cleo makes us feel like a master of money, and why shouldn’t we?”

Tech Crunch: “A” digital assistant “that replaces banking apps …”

Marie Claire


Download Cleo 1.108.0 APK Download by Cleo AI APP Last Version 2021

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