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Download Free the latest version of c:geo 2021.11.21 APK Download by c:geo team

c: geo is an open source, full-featured, ready-to-use, unofficial client of geocaching.com that provides basic support for other geocaching platforms (such as Opencaching). No web browser or export required. Please install and start immediately.

Major features:
-Show cache on live map
-Use Google Maps or OpenStreetMaps
-Search the cache by various criteria
-Record search results online or offline
-Save cached information on the device
-Create and manage waypoints
-Navigate using a compass, map, or other app
-Import / export GPX files
-Full trackable support
-Offline cache function including offline maps

c: geo is an easy-to-use but powerful geocaching client with many additional features. All you need to get started is an existing account on geocaching.com or another geocaching platform (such as Opencaching).
Search the cache using a live map or one of many search features.

Use the built-in compass feature, maps to navigate to the cache or cache waypoints, or pass the coordinates to various external apps (Radar, Google Navigation, StreetView, Locus, Navigon, Sygic, etc.).

Save the cached information directly from geocaching.com to your device or via importing a GPX file to make it available at all times.
You can manage the stored cache in various lists and sort and filter as needed.
You can use caches stored with offline map files or static maps to find caches that are not connected to the Internet (for example, when roaming).
Logs can be posted online, saved offline for later transmission, or exported via field notes.

While posting cache logs, search for and discover traceable stuff, manage your traceable inventory, and drop traceable stuff.

c: If you have problems installing or using geo, please first refer to the FAQ (faq.cgeo.org) or the User Guide (manual.cgeo.org).
If that doesn’t work, please contact support by email.

c: If you want to know why geo requires the requested permissions, check the instructions at www.cgeo.org.

Download c:geo 2021.11.21 APK Download by c:geo team APP Last Version 2021

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