Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team 5.3.2 APK Download by KLab

Download Free Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team 5.3.2 APK Download by KLab for Android APP Apk

Download Free the latest version of Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team 5.3.2 APK Download by KLab

◇ We have reached 40 million downloads worldwide! ◇
A multiplayer soccer game loved in over 150 countries!
Create your own dream team with your favorite players and play hot matches with players from all over the world!

■ Special skill that you can feel the feel of Captain Tsubasa
The special skills of the original comic, such as Tsubasa’s drive shot and Hinata’s Tiger shot, are reproduced in stunning 3D! I have to see close-ups and voice actors!

■ Relive the original comic in story mode
Enjoy from nostalgic old tales to the latest! There is also a game original story!

Tsubasa Oozora’s new challenge, NEXT DREAM, is about to begin! New work by the original manga artist Yoichi Takahashi!

The next field for Tsubasa and his friends is the battle to decide Europe’s number one club, the Champions League! Many new rivals have appeared, including fans’ favorite characters such as Genzo Wakabayashi and Kojiro Hyuga! Play now and witness exciting developments!

■ Various online modes where you can play with Captain Tsubasa (also known as Flash Kicker) fans around the world
Rank Match: Compete with players from all over the world in real time and aim for No.1!
Group Match: Gather up to 32 friends and match players freely!
Friendly Match: Play against your friends and club members according to your favorite rules!
Quick Match: Compete with the prepared team. Even beginners can enjoy it!

■ Editing team
Combine your favorite players, formations and team skills to power up your team!
You can customize the players and uniforms, so you can create your own dream team!

■ Athletes training
Strengthen your players with training! The same players can teach each other special skills!
Get the “RAID & Hidden Skill Scenarios” item and use Hidden Ability Evolution!
In the “Player Enhance Scenario”, you can enhance your ability limit breaks and skill fields!
Give your honed players their own skills and show their rivals full-powered football!

The popular soccer comic “Captain Tsubasa” has influenced soccer stars and many Japanese players around the world. Enjoy this authentic soccer battle game.


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Download Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team 5.3.2 APK Download by KLab APP Last Version 2021

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