Button Mapper: Remap your keys 3.04 APK Download by flar2

Download Free Button Mapper: Remap your keys 3.04 APK Download by flar2 for Android APP Apk

Download Free the latest version of Button Mapper: Remap your keys 3.04 APK Download by flar2

The Button Mapper makes it easy to remap your custom actions to volume buttons and other hardware buttons. Remap the button and press once, twice, or long to launch an app, shortcut, or custom action.

The Button Mapper can remap most physical or capacitive keys and buttons, including volume buttons, some assist buttons, capacitive home, back, and recent app keys. The button mapper can also remap the buttons on many gamepads, remote controls and other peripherals.

Most actions do not require a root, but some do require an adb command from a connected PC if they are not rooted. If the screen is off, the button mapper will not work unless the device is rooted or you run the adb command.

Some examples of remapping that can be done with the button mapper:
-Press and hold to switch the flashlight
-Remap the TV remote
Press-to broadcast a custom intent, script, or command
-Press and hold to open the camera and take a photo
-Double tap to launch your favorite app or shortcut
-Double tap to open the notification
-Exchange keys on your back for recent apps (capacity buttons only!)
-Use the volume button to adjust the screen brightness
-Press and hold to switch between “unobtrusive” modes
-And much more

Additional features unlocked in the pro version:
-Simulate key code (requires adb command or root)
-Replace the volume key when changing orientation
-By default, the volume after Pie is played.
-Pocket detection
-Change back button and recent button
-Customize tactile feedback (vibration) when the button is pressed and long pressed

Actions that can be mapped to buttons or keys:
-Launch an app or shortcut
-Disable the button
-Broadcast intent (PRO)
-Script execution (PRO)
-Camera shutter
-Turn off the screen
-Switch flashlight
-Quick settings
-Show notifications
-Power dialog
-Take a screenshot
-Music: Play / Pause with previous / next track
-Adjust volume or mute
-Last app switching
-Toggle does not disturb
-Adjust the brightness
-Tap now (root)
-Menu button (root)
-Choose a custom key code (root and PRO)
-Root commands (root and PRO)
-Switch WiFi
-Switch Bluetooth
-Switch rotation
-Clear notifications
-Split screen
-Scroll up and down (root)

Supported buttons:
-Physical Home, Back, Recent Apps / Menu Buttons
-Turn up the volume
-Volume down
-Most camera buttons
-Many headset buttons
-Custom Buttons: Add other buttons (active, mute, etc.) to your phone, headphones, gamepad, TV remote control and other peripherals

Additional options:
-Change the duration of a long press or double tap
-Delay the first button press to improve double tap operation
-Disable button mapper while using certain apps
-More customization

-Make sure the Button Mapper accessibility service is enabled and can run in the background
-The button mapper does not work with on-screen buttons (such as softkeys or navigation bars) or power buttons.
-The options displayed in the app depend on the buttons available on your phone. Not all phones have Home, Back, and Recent buttons.

This app uses accessibility services. Accessibility is used to detect when a physical or capacitive button on a device is pressed, so it can be remapped to a custom action to suit your needs. It is not used to confirm the input contents. Button Mapper does not collect or share your personal information, it is secure and your privacy is respected.

This app uses device administrator privileges. (BIND_DEVICE_ADMIN)
This permission is used to lock the screen when the “Turn off screen” action is selected. To remove this permission, open Button Mapper and click on the menu (three dots in the upper right corner).[アンインストール]Choose.

Download Button Mapper: Remap your keys 3.04 APK Download by flar2 APP Last Version 2021

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