Browsec: Fast Secure VPN Proxy 2.65 APK Download by Browsec LLC

Download Free Browsec: Fast Secure VPN Proxy 2.65 APK Download by Browsec LLC for Android APP Apk

Download Free the latest version of Browsec: Fast Secure VPN Proxy 2.65 APK Download by Browsec LLC

Download the free Browsec VPN. Get a fast and secure proxy server for Android
Referc is a free VPN proxy that protects your online privacy and security while you access the internet. If you need ultra-unlimited proxy protected web surfing, this is the best app.
Join 2 million users who trust Browsec, one of the best Android VPNs! Enjoy fast and safe browsing from anywhere in the world.

☝️ Our principle

Secure connection
Protect your public Wi-Fi connection from hackers attempting to steal your personal data, passwords, and financial information. We believe that the best VPN for Android needs to encrypt data from malicious ISPs. And our proxy server does that.

Private means private
Hide the IP address for maximum protection. Improve your online privacy. No one knows what content you want to watch.

Free proxy
Switch between multiple virtual locations to remove region restrictions. There are free endpoints in the US, Netherlands and Singapore. I will come more. Unblock websites that aren’t available in your country.

Browserc is the best Android VPN for:
🛄 Traveler: Protect yourself from data sniffers when connecting to unprotected public hotspots
🛍 Online Buyers: Find the Best Transactions and Protect Your Banking Business
🎮 Online Gamers: Get access to all your favorite games, no matter where you are
🎬 Movie Fans: Watch popular movies and shows on the internet
📱 Careful users: Stay anonymous and keep your identity safe

🌍 Reasons to choose Browsec

This is a prestigious Android VPN.

Total privacy
Do whatever you need. Browserc acts as an IP changer, hiding browser actions from everyone.

Constant VPN
Restore the connection even after restarting the phone. Our best proxy server guarantees the best performance of Android VPN.

Clear cut interface
Minimal effort between you and SAFE CONNECT: Select a free proxy server and tap the on / off switch. It’s very easy.

Elegant widget
Quickly access your free VPN proxy from your home screen. You can also see at a glance if it is working. If it is green, it is protected.

Adjustable settings
Browsing c protects all apps by default, but you can change the list if you want. Use VPN protection only for selected apps.

No logs
This means that you are anonymously protected while using a fast and secure VPN.

Is it safe?
✅ Yes. Browse c does not track your personal information. This app maintains security and privacy throughout your use.
Is it easy to use?
✅ Yes. You can use the BrowsecVPN hotspot regardless of your experience. With one-click control, you can connect to a free proxy server of your choice and start browsing immediately. Turn on Browsec VPN protection and stay anonymous while using Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and other browsers.
Does it work in my country?
✅ Yes. It provides a fast and secure VPN for Android without any geographical restrictions.
Is it free?
✅ Yes. You can enjoy all BASIC functions for free. Use Hotspot Shield to protect your wifi connection and hide your IP anytime, anywhere.

💸 BROWSEC Premium Features

VPN location
Access the Internet through servers in 43 premium locations.

Unlimited VPN
There is no traffic limit. Browserc guarantees a safer and faster internet.

Turbo speed
Enjoy the exclusive lane. This wifi proxy VPN is fast enough to download video files.

Priority support
If something goes wrong, helping you is our priority.

With VPN protection for Android, you can browse anonymously and securely without being tracked. Your IP and location will be masked and your activity will not be trackable on the internet. The browse app protects your privacy and security.


Download Browsec: Fast Secure VPN Proxy 2.65 APK Download by Browsec LLC APP Last Version 2021

Download now the Free APP Browsec: Fast Secure VPN Proxy 2.65 APK Download by Browsec LLC to install on your mobile Android. The installation process of the program depends on its developer. Sometimes it will be just Download APK, sometimes it will be Download apk + obb.

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How to Download APP Browsec: Fast Secure VPN Proxy 2.65 APK Download by Browsec LLC

Security, availability of the latest version and download speed depend on the software administrator.

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