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Download Free the latest version of Baby Panda World APK Download by BabyBus

Little Panda World is a collection of all the popular BabyBus apps. All your favorite content is here! Can’t wait to explore the world you own? Create your own story!

Exploring 100 areas
Little Panda World has 100 fun areas! You can shop at the supermarket or go to the movies. Want to go to an amusement park? Lots of entertainment facilities are waiting for you!

Or pack up your luggage and go on a journey from the airport! You may arrive at a coastal city through deserts and glaciers. Explore beachfront hotels, ice cream shops … have a great time!

Role-playing as you wish
What role do you want to play? Police officers, doctors, chefs, pilots, etc. You can play your favorite role in the baby panda world!

If you like dressing up, become a stylist and create a stylish look for your princess or pet. Do you like farm life? Raise livestock and plant fruits and vegetables. Become a super farmer!

Start an endless adventure
Little adventurer, are you ready? Go through the jungle and fight the witch. Go out to sea and defeat the pirates. Embark on an adventurous journey at Little Panda World!

You can also go back to the Jurassic to visit the dinosaur kingdom or dive underground to help the rabbit hide from its enemies. Make your adventure dreams come true with these fun experiences!

New content is available every week at Baby Panda’s World. Feel free to explore this world at any time and enjoy a fun time!

-This app features over 80 popular BabyBus products.
-Play with popular BabyBus characters to create your own story.
-Learn about eight major areas of knowledge: science, painting, music, mathematics, language, emotional intelligence, health, and society.
-100 areas to explore: kindergartens, towns, jewelry stores, dream castles, dinosaur worlds, enchanted forests and more.
-Play various roles such as astronauts, archaeologists, athletes, small captains, convenience store managers, small painters, and more.
-Infinite adventures are waiting for you: treasure hunt, deep sea rescue, maze challenge, space exploration, time travel and more.
-New fun content is available every week.

About Baby Bus
At BabyBus, we are dedicated to designing products from a children’s perspective to inspire children’s creativity, imagination and curiosity and allow them to explore the world on their own.

Today, BabyBus offers a wide range of products, videos and other educational content to over 400 million fans aged 0-8 years around the world. We have released over 200 educational apps for children, over 2500 episodes of nursery rhymes, and animations on a variety of themes such as health, language, society, science and art.

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Download Baby Panda World APK Download by BabyBus APP Last Version 2021

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