Happy new year! The new version of the ASUS Web Storage app has brought some new changes for you!

● The safety of the app has been improved.
● The efficiency of download files has been improved.

The bugs fixed in this version are:
● Fixed a camera upload issue.
● Fixed an issue with Office file downloads.

ASUS WebStorage is updated regularly to improve stability and user experience.

Files on various devices are centrally managed in the cloud, making it easy to access files anytime, anywhere, even when you’re not around your PC. Save the great things in your life to Web Storage from now on!

-Automatic upload gives you the freedom to choose to save your photos on your mobile device to Web Storage.
-Full sharing mode provides different levels of access authentication and commenting, facilitating file exchange.
-All data stored in Web Storage is absolutely safe no matter what happens to your device.
-The level of data security required by international financial institutions guarantees complete data protection.

Install WebStorage cloud applications on your desktop, laptop, tablet, etc. for a more complete user experience provided by WebStorage.