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Download Free AirDroid: File & Remote Access APK Download by SAND STUDIO for Android APP Apk

Download Free the latest version of AirDroid: File & Remote Access APK Download by SAND STUDIO

AirDroid is the premier personal mobile device management suite built on 10 years of non-stop improvements such as file transfer and management, screen mirroring, remote control and receiving SMS notifications from your computer. You can do it all in one. AirDroid app.

Main functions:
1. Enjoy ultra-fast file transfer without any restrictions
With AirDroid, you can enjoy incredibly fast file transfer speeds of 20MB / sec on both local and remote connections. Whether you switch to Wi-Fi, 4G, or 5G networks, enjoy an uncompromising experience for productivity. With nearby features, you can even instantly send your photos and video files directly to your nearby friends without having to have an account or internet connection.

2. All-in-one file management
View and manage your photos, videos, music, apps, storage and more on your device from your desktop or web client You can also automatically sync your photos and videos and upload them to your PC. This not only saves device storage, but also avoids the risk of privacy leaks.

3. Screen mirroring
Mirror your Android device to your PC wirelessly so you can share your screen with your students and partners. You can also use AirDroid to stream broadcasts and share your games and photos more efficiently with your viewers.
Screen mirroring does not require the phone and computer to be on the same network. Practical solutions for different scenarios.

4. Remote control Android device
You have full control over your Android device without rooting it. Simply connect to the AirDroid PC client and you can do what you want to do remotely on your Android device. For example, you can play a game or open an app. , Check the status of the phone.
The AirDroid remote is easy to set up and works smoothly even when the device is on the other side of the globe.
* If you need to remotely control your Android device from another Android device, you need to download AirMirror for your controller device.

5. Remote monitoring
Take advantage of an unused Android smartphone and use the remote camera function to see it with your eyes. You don’t have to stay on the screen all the time because you can monitor the surroundings of your device and listen to ambient sounds with one-way audio.
You can check in to newborns and pets and protect your home without spending extra money on your new camera.

5. Notification and SMS management
With AirDroid, you can manage your calls directly from your computer so you can focus on your work.
You can make and receive texts, connect to headsets, enter or copy phone numbers, and make calls directly from your computer. The notifications feature allows you to sync phone app notifications (WhatsApp, Line, Facebook Messenger, etc.) to your computer and reply directly to your desktop. Important messages are always up to date.

6. Make a call on your PC
You can bulk import phone numbers directly into the AirDroid desktop client, click to make a call, and talk to customers and friends via the phone handset or Bluetooth headset. AirDroid helps improve efficiency by avoiding the hassle of manually entering phone numbers on mobile phones and possible errors.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: Do I need to register an account to use AirDroid?
A: With your AirDroid account, you can enjoy all the features on your local and remote connections. If you don’t want to register, you can use AirDroid on the same Wi-Fi with limited functionality.

Q: Can I use AirDroid for free?
A: You can use AirDroid for free on your local area network. If you’re running on a non-local network, your free account has a monthly data limit of 200MB and you can’t use a remote camera. To enjoy unlimited remote data and unlock all features and services, we recommend upgrading to Premium.

Download AirDroid: File & Remote Access APK Download by SAND STUDIO APP Last Version 2021

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