Яндекс (бета) 22.10 APK Download by Yandex Apps

Download Free Яндекс (бета) 22.10 APK Download by Yandex Apps for Android APP Apk

Download Free the latest version of Яндекс (бета) 22.10 APK Download by Yandex Apps

Try out the new features of Yandex Mobile first-download the beta version of the app and take part in the test! If you already have the Yandex mobile app installed, you do not need to uninstall it. The beta version is installed separately and does not interfere with the operation of the main application.

Mobile Yandex helps you solve your daily tasks. Here’s a summary of the day’s top news, weather and traffic data, a quick search, and more. Install the app widget to keep track of the events of the day.

Voice assistant. Alice knows how to solve her daily tasks. She tells the weather and traffic jams along the route, advises where to eat and buy food, sets alarms and reminders at the right time, and finds something on the internet. Alice knows how to tell a story and keep talking on any topic, not just telling the information aloud. She is always learning using neural networks.To set Alice as the main assistant on your smartphone[設定]Go to the menu and[アシスタントと音声入力]Click and select Yandex.

Automatic caller ID. If you turn on Caller ID in the settings menu, you’ll see who is calling, even if the number isn’t in your contacts. A database of over 5 million organizations and user reviews saves time and protects you from unwanted conversations. It can be used on smartphones based on Android 6.0 or later.

caution! Beta is a platform for testing new application features. It is intended for advanced users who are willing to report bugs and issues. Please send your feedback directly from the application menu or email (support@mobyandex.yandex.ru). Together we make the app even better!

Download Яндекс (бета) 22.10 APK Download by Yandex Apps APP Last Version 2021

Download now the Free APP Яндекс (бета) 22.10 APK Download by Yandex Apps to install on your mobile Android. The installation process of the program depends on its developer. Sometimes it will be just Download APK, sometimes it will be Download apk + obb.

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How to Download APP Яндекс (бета) 22.10 APK Download by Yandex Apps

Security, availability of the latest version and download speed depend on the software administrator.

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