KinoPoisk-Online Cinema, Selection, Rating
The armrest battle is over
KinoPoisk’s applications include films with cinematic superior 4K quality and surround sound, but without the noise of roommates.
For kids and adults
-Create a safe baby profile and don’t have to worry about what your baby is looking at.
-Choose a voice actor: Original, dubbed, or “Cuban Cube” uncensored. It is possible with subtitles.
Search and select
-Rate to receive personalized recommendations.
-Explore classics and discover new ones with editorial choices.
Subscription options
Subscription Plus:
-KinoPoisk movies and series: “Projects” Anna Nikolaevna “,” Missing “,” Rick and Morty “etc.
–Full access to Yandex.Music.
-Cash back point for Yandex services.
-Bonus and discounts from partners.
Plus multi-subscription:
-All the benefits of the plus.
-Share with 3 (3) loved ones. Each has its own profile. Subscription Plus:
-All the benefits of the plus.
-Movies and TV series “Chiki”, “Great”, “Difficult Teens” and more.
Plus Amediateka Subscription:
All the benefits of Plus with –
-Amedia Tech movies and series: “Why Women Kill”, “Scenes from Married Life”, “Meir from Easttown” and more.